Dr. Corletta Vaughn is available to speak on a myriad of topics. As a pastor, life coach and author her messages range greatly, but are full of life-changing impact and insight. Inspired by her new book Teach Your Daughters to Fly Dr. Vaughn has developed several speaking topics for your next event, workshop or broadcast interview: • How to develop your daughter’s gifts and abilities • The meaning of “Father-Hunger” and how it affects her life • How to create the “Flight Plans” your daughter needs to help her to soar as well as practical ways to: • Communicate with your daughter • Change and adapt to her as she grows • Quickly repair any damage done to your relationship • Set realistic goals for your daughter As a revered speaker, spiritual coach and educator, Dr. Corletta Vaughn has been a sought after voice for 40 years. Dr. Corletta is available to speak at your upcoming event and/or media appearance. To book and learn more please contact her here: [contact-form-7 id=”66″ title=”Contact form 1″]
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