She Will Always Need You

Although other men will come into her life and someday she’ll meet her husband, your daughter will always need you.

She will always turn to you for advice and approval. Be there for her, her whole life long.

Here are 7 reasons your daughter will always need you:

  1. A daughter needs a dad to be the standard by which she will judge all men. In society, there are unspoken rules when it comes to men. In order to capture a girl’s heart, a man must go through her father and gain his approval first.african-american-wedding-hairstyles-2011-3
  2. A daughter needs a dad to protect her. At some point during your daughter’s journey to love, her heart will get broken. However, a true “Daddy’s Girl” knows that her father will always be there to protect her (as best he can) from the pain and heartache that love can sometimes bring – she can always call on her number one guy to make her feel safe and loved.
  3. A daughter needs a dad to influence her (even if he’s not around). Even if a girl doesn’t have the best relationship with her dad, it’s important that she knows that no matter where she goes in life, he will always be with her. For some men, becoming a father is easy, and for some it is not. Both dads and daughters need to treat each other with a little grace and lots of love, and work toward a healthier relationship together.
  4. A daughter needs a dad to show her how to live. It is a dad’s responsibility to teach a daughter how she should live. Good dads teach by giving lectures or telling stories of their own lives. But great dads demonstrate the best way to live through their actions.
  5. A daughter needs a dad to believe in her. If a girl is lucky, both of her parents are her biggest supporters, but a dad supports his daughter like no one else. He is patient, loving, and always there to cheer her on to victory. If a girl has a dad who believes in her and tells her that she can do anything, she is not only lucky, she is blessed!
  6. A daughter needs a dad to fight for her. Long before a girl finds her Prince Charming, her dad is the one who stands up for her and supports her no matter what—even if she’s wrong. And she always relies on her dad to get her out of trouble.
  7. A daughter needs a dad to sacrifice for her. Traditionally, a man’s role is to provide for his family, and the man is the head of the household. This may sound old-fashioned, but many girls have fathers who have sacrificed many things for them and for their families, and this has only enhanced the relationships. Every girl wants to be “Daddy’s Little Girl!”

“A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.” – Enid Bagnold


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