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Author: Corletta Vaughn

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Page Count: 232

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Teach Your Daugthers To Fly

The Incredible Impact of Father-Daughter Relationships


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Father Hunger is a huge problem that affects a girls self-esteem, success, relationships and so much more. When this need is unfulfilled, a woman will be under-developed in areas of courage, worth, stability and competitiveness. She is unsure of herself, and this lack of confidence will carry over into most every area of her life.

For all the Wonderful Women who are stagnate and don't really understand why this book is for you!

For Daughters who need to repair the relationship with their Dads this book is for you!

For Men with phenomenal daughters and you are unclear exactly how to get her to her destiny this book is for you!

For Moms who are raising daughters without Dad this book is for you!

Dads are VERY important in a daughters development to greatness. Within the pages of this book, Dr. Corletta Vaughn will show you the ways and means to begin engaging your daughter on a different level – a destiny level. Some girls are born for difficult assignments in challenging places, and she will need a Fathers input and support to equip her for the controversy she may cause.

About the Author

Dr. Corletta Vaughn shattered the stained glass ceiling of the church world when she became a female preacher against her Baptist church’s strict rules and has been dedicated to the cloth for over 40 years. She is currently the Senior Pastor of The Holy Ghost Cathedral and Chief Apostle to Go Tell It Evangelistic Ministry Worldwide. Her network provides oversight to 70 churches nationally and more than 1300 ministries globally.


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