One of the World’s Most Prominent Women of Faith

Dr. Corletta Vaughn shattered the stained glass ceiling of the church world when she became a female preacher against her Baptist church’s strict rules and has been dedicated to the cloth for over 40 years. She is currently the Senior Pastor of The Holy Ghost Cathedral and Chief Apostle to Go Tell It Evangelistic Ministry Worldwide. Her network provides oversight to 70 churches nationally and more than 1300 ministries globally. ELDER – PASTOR – BISHOP • Senior Pastor of the Holy Ghost Cathedral • Presiding Bishop of Go Tell It Ministries Worldwide • Chief Apostle of the Go Tell it Ministry Network of Approximately 900 Churches DOCTOR – EDUCATOR – COUNSELOR • Bachelors of Religious Education • Masters in Religious Education • Masters in Post-Secondary Education • Minor in Pastoral Counseling • Honorary Doctorate Degree in Theological Education Given to Dr. Corletta by Christ for the Nations International. SPEAKER – LEADER – TEACHER • Chancelor of Kingdom of Faith Bible College and Destiny School of Ministry • Teacher on Current-Day Moves of Renewal Theology in Schools Across the Country • International Speaker and Leader • Dean of Destiny School of Ministry “I praise God for the anointing and profound impact that Apostle Vaughn has had on my life. I will never forget those powerful messages.” -Pastor Thomas Webb – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania